The Heart of Hayle, Cornwall (UK)

Tuesday 04 June 2024
The Heart of Hayle, Cornwall (UK)

If you’re thinking about whisking the family away to Cornwall but can’t settle on a location, then let us throw the port town of Hayle into the mix. A treasure trove of culture and heritage with a laid-back vibe.

The Beach

The beach in Hayle with miles of golden sand that seem to stretch into forever, it’s a place where the kids can run wild while you relax with the sound of waves playing in the background. Perfect for sandcastles, surf sessions, and strolls that stretch as long as the coastline itself. We recommend picking up an iced latte from Cove Café as you stroll across the dunes.


Hayle Lido

On those days when the ocean feels just a tad too energetic, the Hayle Lido is a fantastic spot. It’s one of those delightful outdoor pools that brings a bit of that old-school summer charm. It's heated (thank goodness), making it a perfect splash zone for both sunny and not-so-sunny days.

Where to Eat

Every holiday adventure has to include scrumptious food, right? Hayle does not disappoint. For a start, let’s talk pasties. Philp's Famous Pasties are basically a rite of passage. Warm, flaky, and filled with goodness, they’re a must-try. And for a lovely family meal, The Salt Kitchen offers the freshest sea-to-table dishes in a cozy, welcoming atmosphere. If you're craving something sweet, do yourselves a favour and pop into Mr B's Ice Cream Parlour, their ice cream is the stuff of legends - perfect for those moments when you’re strolling along the harbour.

Local Attractions

For a bit of history and culture, the Hayle Heritage Centre takes you on a journey back in time and gives you a glimpse into the town’s industrial past. This place is a little haven of knowledge, filled to the brim with tales of Cornish miners, the engineering marvels that sprung from this town, and how Hayle played its part in the world beyond the mines and sands.

Hayle Cornwall

Hayle, with its unmatched blend of natural beauty, culinary delights, and family-friendly attractions, is a spot that’s close to our heart. Whether you’re building sandcastles, exploring local culture or simply indulging in the best pasties you’ll ever taste.