Ola O'Smit - A Red Salt-Water Love Story

Thursday 20 June 2024
Ola O'Smit - A Red Salt-Water Love Story

London based photographer, editor in-chief of Table Magazine and Salt-Water Sandals UK Brad Ambassador, Ola O'Smit recently shared the love story of her Red Salt-Water sandals.

Salt-Water sandals are built to be passed down the generations, and this story touched everyone here at Salt-Water and we wanted to share Ola's lifelong love for her red sandals here. These are Ola's words and pics.

There are certain special objects that are with us throughout our lives, pieces of furniture, clothing, or jewellery.
I have realised that my red sandals have been with me in the most important moments of my life.


  1. The moment I decided that after 5 years of trying I have to let go of the idea of ever becoming a mother.

  2. The moment I have found out that I am pregnant.

  3. The moment we celebrated our wedding anniversary and I was 5 months pregnant, in love with life. 

  4. The moment we traveled as a family for the first time to visit our dear friends in Amsterdam.

  5. The moment we took Zoe for the first time to visit her grandmother in South Africa.

  6. The moment when my love for red Salt-Water sandals was passed on to Zoe and she cycled her very first pink bike without side wheels.

  7. The moment when she asked me to buy her another pair of red Salt-Water sandals because her feet had outgrown the current pair. She also asked me to keep her first ever pair of red Salt-Water sandals for her daughter, and I did.

They are waiting for the next generation...