Our Stylish Selection of Sandals for Girls and Boys

Friday 15 December 2023
Our Stylish Selection of Sandals for Girls and Boys

Sandals for Boys and Girls

Sun-San toddler sandals are designed especially for little feet and come on a super spongy sole for extra comfort and bounce. The range starts with Sun-San baby sandals in a UK 1/ EU 17 and goes up to sandals for girls and boys in youth size UK 2/ EU 34. For detailed info on all the sandals in the Sun-San range you can check out this post.

Meanwhile, we have four styles in the Salt-Water Sandals range for bigger girls and boys starting in a UK child size 4/ EU 20 and going up to a UK Youth size 2.5/ EU 35. Ultradurable and available in an array of fabulous colours, here we take you through your Salt-Water options for kids.

Are Salt-Water sandals unisex?

Yes! Our classic design means Salt-Water Sandals can be enjoyed by anyone. We also offer an array of colours to suit all tastes.

The Salt-Water Original

Featuring the iconic woven upper and coming in an astonishing 20 different colours and finishes, this sandal works well for both girls and boys. Starting in a UK size 4/ EU 20 and going right the way through to a UK Youth size 2.5/ EU 35, they look great with everything, and can be worn everywhere from busy streets to country lanes, at the beach and in the sea. Shop the Original for Kids here.

The Salt-Water Classic

Our Classic style maintains the nostalgic charm of the Original but with a fully adjustable fit. The rust proof buckles are in place both over the toes and the ankle making them a great option for wide or narrow feet. Available in larger sizes only, they begin at UK size 13/ EU 32 and go up to UK Youth size 2.5/ EU 35. They work well for older kids and are our best teenage sandals. Shop the Classic for kids here.

The Salt-Water Retro

The Retro woven leather sandal is defined by its lattice upper, reminiscent of a Mexican Huarache sandal. Like all Salt-Water Sandals it features rust proof buckles and can be worn in the water. It’s available for kids in navy and tan and starts at a UK size 9/ EU 26 and goes up to a UK size 2.5/ EU 35. Shop the Retro for kids here.

The Salt-Water Shark

Sharks are a fabulous unisex sandal offering a bit more protection over the toes. This fisherman sandal style comes in 8 colours including the special metallic finish in rose gold and silver. Alternatively, in navy or black, the Shark makes a great school sandal option. Shark sizes range from a UK Youth size 13/ EU 32 to a UK size 2.5/ EU 35. Shop the Shark for Kids here.